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How much should I insure my horse for?

This is the #1 question we receive and every situation is different. Insurance is designed to protect your financial interest in your horse, while preventing financial gain from a horses death. If you have purchased the horse in the last 12 months, this is the easiest way to determine value. We will insure based on the horses purchase price + shipping costs (up to $2,000). "What if I received a really good deal on my horse or negotiated price?" - To protect the horses, we cannot insure for more than purchase price in the first year of ownership, even if your horse was a true find.

I have a home bred horse or horse that I have owned past a year that has increased in value. That's great! You can insure for fair current market value. We will need to see the increase of value on paper. We have a easy justification of value form that can be found on our website. It's also a great idea to always keep track of your show record.

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